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A compact solution for all the retail stores.

Cozy ERP is a comprehensive solution for multi location retail store
management with cloud back office and HQ management option.

Our highlights

  • Offer Management

    Get all your respective offers sorted and arranged so that in the time of need, it’s all there in order.

  • Detailed Sales History Reports

    A company runs on its sales and hence, its always a boon to keep a track of your sales’ details. You may need it anytime.

  • Touch Screen Based Billings

    Enjoy hassle free billings with a single touch.

  • Customer Management

    Manage all the invoices of your customers along with their buying attributes at one go!

  • Order Time Statistics

    Now get to know the time a particular order was made and all the other with that regard. Account management never got this easy.

  • Move Table

    Create, name, number, move or even delete a particular table as per your requirement.