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Cozy POS is an excellent POS software applicable for retail industry. Point of Sale Software is well designed to manage the business more efficiently. Some of the key modules in the Point of Sale Software are Billing, Table Ordering, Take-Out, Delivery ordering, Delivery tracking,Customer management; taking & managing orders as per order types; flexible menu management, Multiple menus, Customizable buttons to match the business operation. Additionally, comes with many back office features such as stock management, purchases, stock transfers, recipe management, employee & user access management. Point of Sale Software is fully loaded with advanced features like in-built loyalty management, future ordering, table reservation, cash management, integration with accounting package, integration with external loyalty programs and many more required for these day's businesses. Retail Billing Software, it has flexible, quick & smart billing capability with barcode & weighing scale support, with administration & control from the Back office which covers master database management, purchases & stock transfers, stock management, customer database management, customer loyalty, offers, discounts, returns, exchanges, matrix etc., and other required features for these day's businesses. POS billing software is built to provide a POS system for the food service industry, COZY POS is a robust solution for all types of food service businesses, including bars, quick service, and full-service . COZY POS making it simple for reward their most frequent customers. As well, the system can support physical and digital gift cards, and COZY POS will work to integrate any existing gift cards, making the transition between systems entirely seamless. There is online as well as onsite support 24/7. Explicit sales services and higher rate of customer satisfaction leads to the path of success. CozyPOS Solutions comes with optional online modules such as web reports, mobile reports, online back office, online ERP etc.

An efficient POS so you can bill smart. transact quick. manage easy.

Coffe Shop
For Food Business
  • Food court
  • Full Service Bar
  • Night Clubs
  • Pizza / Burger outlet
  • Confectionary
Retail Store
For Retail Business
  • Vegetable outlets
  • Supermarkets
  • Grocery
  • Apparel
  • Boutique
  • Book store
  • Stationary
  • Foot wear
  • Optical store
  • Mobile store
  • Hardware store
  • Electrical / Electronics
Spa and Salon
For Services Business
  • Salon
  • Spa
  • Barbar shop
  • Fitness center
  • Beauty parlour
  • Health clubs



Easy User Interface, Multiple Taxes, Multiple Prices, Unlimited Products, Integrated Loyalty, Integrated Card/Wallet Payment.


Inventory module with recipe and sub-recipe mapping for effecient food costing. Warehouse, Outlet, Stock room tracking.


Unlimited sections and tables. Define covers per table. Move/Transfer/Combine/Merge table. Section specific pricing/taxes/charges.


Map physical menu to POS. Unlimited menus / products / product pages. Define frequent products in multiple menu pages.


Map invoices to customers. Customer specific pricing/loyalty. Text and email alerts on their purchases.


Employee tracking with powerful access rights. Employee attendance and breaks. Employee specific sales and void tracking.


Dine-in, Take-out, Delivery, Quick service and Future ordering. Order type specific pricing/taxes with detailed tracking.


Track inventory and petty expense. Multiple categories and sub-categories with cloud management for multiple outlets.