Order Source Management



Now a day’st takeaway & home delivery ordering becoming more popular in restaurant’s & customers are preferring to order from their home, offices etc.At the same time, managing those orders from various sources is not simple and restaurant operations team t is facing issues to handle those orders.

  • Walk-in orders
  • Phone orders
  • Email orders
  • Third party online ordering portals (Eg. Food Panda, Swiggy, Uber Eats, Etc.,)

At the end restaurant management is not getting proper analytics on how much business they are getting from various sources and do these sources really boosted their business or not as they are spending so much money on these sources.

To help you & solve your problems Cozy POS has added this new trendy feature to manage your various order sources and streamline your operational challenges & gives you clear analytics on the same.

In the case of third party online order sources, the orders can be mapped to accounts to collect monthly by deducting agreed percent of commission for each source.