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Restaurant Software


CozyPOS Restaurant Management Software is an excellent solution to manage restaurant operations more efficiently. Software useful for quick service, dine-in, bar, or any type of restaurant formats. It comes with Billing, Inventory, Recipe/Food Costing, Purchasing, Employee Tracking, Expense Tracking, Cloud ERP, Cloud Reports, Mobile Reports. Useful for single or multiple outlets. It is built on hybrid architecture with smart auto sync solution to enable POS operations at the outlet during internet outage.

Cozy Order Taker

CozyPOS Order Taker Android App is an excellent extension to your existing CozyPOS Windows installation. This app can run in landscape mode on tablet and in portrait mode on mobile phone. This can be used for table order taking, payment processing using any Android device. It increases the employee productivity and improves the order processing experience for the customer. This app can be integrated with any payment device or can be installed on any payment solution that supports third party Android apps. That makes it easier to take the payment at the table.

Cogent CozyResto

COGENT Cozy Resto App is a business analytics app for the business owners who are using CozyPOS ( and subscribed to CozyERP ( and CozyReports ( Merchants can use the same web login for this app for a quick summary and key metrics of their businesses while on the go. COGENT App gives valuable information in near real time to be able to access from anywhere and take instant business decisions. Key metrics such as Daily/Weekly/Yearly business sales metrics, Key business reports, Push notifications for invoice void, discount, product delete after selecting etc., Multiple outlet details from single login, Multiple org access based on access rights

Cozy Captain Pad

Cozy Captain Paid Android Tablet App works in local area network by connecting to an existing Cozy POS restaurant Windows POS. It can be used as a mini KDS or a captain pad to see open orders or completed orders and bump the full order or selected items in a order for easier tracking. This can be used in addition to already existing kitchen printers to improve the kitchen operations. This app can also be connected to larger LCD screen through HDMI or through screen share. App can be customized for font, number or orders, etc. All pending orders can be viewed individually and as a consolidated summary by item to help kitchen staff to plan better based on the order pipeline.

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