Billing Software (COZY POS) Features:

  • Touch Screen Based Billing
  • Easy User Interface
  • Multiple Menu
  • Multiple Pricing for Menu products
  • Section specific pricing
  • Multiple Ordering Types
  • Multiple Tax Management
  • Employee Management
  • Multilevel User Password Protection
  • Colour Code Menu
  • Unlimited products
  • Order Time Statistics
  • Modifier Items Prompting
  • Line Discount / Invoice Discount Options
  • Detailed Sales History reports
  • Kitchen Order Printing
  • Auto charge for Delivery/Takeout
  • Ability to Stores Old Invoices
  • Ability to Recall Reports from Any Given Day
  • Easy Printer Management
  • Customer Management
  • Loyalty Management
  • Table layout designer
  • Sections & Table Management
  • Station Specific Features
  • Flexible Tax Setup
  • Flexible User Interface Management
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Recipe Management
  • Optional KDS Integration
  • Optional Online reporting module
  • Optional Pending Order List
  • Happy hours
  • Offer Management
  • Coupon Management
  • Split billing
  • Move table
  • Combine table
  • Additional charge for credit card payment
  • Custom branding on each screen
  • Touch Screen Compatible
  • Optional on-screen keyboard
  • User Id/ Password login
  • Swipe card login
  • Employee user access levels
  • Time based Auto log-out
  • Clock-in/Clock-Out
  • Employee breaks
  • Section management
  • Easy to use table layout designer
  • Square or Circle tables
  • Create objects to show cashier, wall, door etc.
  • Table layout for each section
  • Table capacity tracking
  • Table time statistics
  • Color coded tables
  • Color change when time elapsed
  • Color change when receipt prints
  • Multiple orders for same table
  • Guest prompt
  • Order by Guest
  • Move Table
  • Transfer Table
  • Navigation to Take-out, Delivery orders
  • Easy ordering screen
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Custom colors for products
  • Enter number of guests for a table
  • Take order by guest seat number
  • Make it easier to serve in case of large groups
  • Option to split the bill by guest
  • Useful for table statistics
  • Guests Vs. Invoices comparison
  • Average sale report per guest

Table Colors

  • Grey – Vacant
  • Yellow – Occupied
  • Blue – Elapsed X minutes
  • Green – Receipt printed
  • Red – Other waiter table

Transfer Table

  • Move the occupied table to any other vacant table

Combine Table

  • Combine occupied table with another occupied table

Split Table

  • Split the table order equally
  • Split by items
  • Split by guest


  • Create sections as per need
  • Color code a section
  • Name a section


  • Tables for each section
  • Name or number a table
  • Assign party size to table
  • Square, Circle tables
  • Move, resize, add, delete


  • Create objects to replicate the real restaurant layout
  • Mark kitchen, bar, cash counter areas
  • Move, resize, add, delete
  • Multiple payment methods for single invoice
  • Cash, Credit Card, Account, Coupons (SODEXHO)
  • Coupon/Cash denominations while taking payment
  • Credit card payment integration
  • Take card payment at the table through tablet version
  • Reports on payment methods
  • Reports on pay denominations
  • EOD cash reconciliation
  • Flexible product tax structure
  • Configure complex tax structure
  • Configuration as per local laws
  • 10 different taxes to a product
  • Tax on tax option
  • Different tax for different product
  • Location specific taxes
  • Percentage or Flat amount
  • Flat amount based on total range
  • Product specific taxes
  • Section specific taxes
  • Tax exempt for a customer

Product Pricing

  • 10 Prices to a product
  • Station specific pricing
  • Section specific pricing
  • Location specific pricing
  • Customer specific pricing
  • Dynamic pricing


  • Product specific discount
  • Invoice discount
  • Coupon discount
  • Customer display on second screen
  • Useful for QSR implementations
  • Horizontal or Vertical layouts
  • Branding, Advt. on split screen
  • Play images or videos
  • Manage images remotely
  • Schedule images
  • New images for future date
  • Location specific images
  • Easier management screen
  • Manage through web portal
  • Split the invoice in multiple ways
  • Split by guest
  • Split by choosing product
  • Split by choosing product
  • Split single product event
  • Pay each split invoice separately
  • Pay all invoices in one go
  • Hold split invoices for future use
  • Multiple payment method in each split invoice
  • Track expenses at store level
  • Category and sub category for each expense
  • Track payment by cash, check, credit card, online transfer
  • Categorize as per account general ledgers for easier mapping
  • Consolidate all the store expenses on cloud server
  • Derive profitability based on sales and expenses for the month
  • Lock expenses for previous day to avoid manipulation
  • Configure categories and sub categories as per business choice
  • Very useful for multi-location chain business
  • Easier method for expense tracking
  • No need of complex accounting software for cashier